Youth Alive


HIV/AIDS attacks the human person, and infects and affects the core of human dignity. The Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference “Education for Life” Programme attempts to mitigate the spread of HIV/AIDS by addressing aspects of social injustice against human dignity, elements that rob people of their inherent freedom and integrity. A successful HIV/AIDS prevention program needs to assist young people to recognize their own humanity and the humanity of others. “Education for Life” seeks to empower young people, engaging youth in a conversion process through introspection, reflection and self-examination to face the reality of their present situation. The process has been operative throughout the SACBC Region (South Africa , Botswana and Swaziland ) for the past four years and is ready to launch its sustainable counter part, namely, YOUTH ALIVE , which will bring the programme on a par with the other twelve African countries where it is positively operative.

To sustain the youth in the local diocese on a weekly/fortnightly basis the National Team has compiled a manual consisting of workshops for discussion on topical issues relevant to the needs of the youth that will engage them in discussion around moral, spiritual, social and human concerns.

A National Youth Alive Launch/Pilgrimage has taken place for about one thousand youth during a nightly event on Friday night 27 April 2007 to officially launch Youth Alive.