What is Prayer?

Prayer is conversation with God, communication process that allows us to talk to God.

Sometimes we need to discuss the issues of faith as I have young people asking questions and they need answers. WHAT IS PRAYER? WHY WE NEED TO PRAY? If you listen to this two questions are very simple but in reality these are deep questions too. We are praying everyday but we don’t have that connection with God. The world is calling us we are giving more to the world than to God.

They asked all those questions because they don’t know how to pray. They desire to be with the Lord but is difficult because of the confusion of the two world around us.

Silence is another mode of prayer. Sometime during our workshops or training we give such time and we can see that our young people don’t understand why we make them silence for 10minutes.I used to say sometimes silence prayer is the best because you talk with God and your heart is open to Him.

Jesus reminds us in the Gospel of John chapter 17 ‘I do not pray for these only but also for those who believe in me through their word that they may all be one’ Prayer makes us free with God where we tell him everything.

Prayer gives us that unity of being a child of God. Trusting Him all the time.

Open to Him Heartedly. As I heard one little girl saying: “If we pray to God we open the door for Him so that he can come into our problems and situations and God will work over them”. This was a young and simple girl trusting God that one day He will hear her prayer. What is your experience about prayer?

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1. Our month of October is more focusing inn prayer and we have women of prayer too. St Theresa is one of them. She is holding Roses and sometimes we can reflect to her flowers:

i. Red –Rose-Passion
ii. Pink –Rose-Unconditional Love
iii. Yellow-Rose Light from above
iv. White –Rose-Purity.
Rosary is the one of our prayerful prayer as we are continuing praying Rosary this month. We must not pray Rosary only October

Reflection form Youth Office Pretoria by Sr Victoria