August-September 2013

Education for Life and Peace Education

Firstly I want to say a BIG Thank You to all of us!

Thank you very much for the support during our 10th Anniversary. Joy was written in face. Of our young people who came from different Dioceses.

This was the first attempt in organizing such big event. (It is good to take a risk sometimes.)

Our appreciation goes to all our Youth Coordinators, Youth Chaplains and to the Archdiocese of Durban, St.Joseph Parish Amatikwe, Eqinisweni Primary School, St.Antony Parish in the City and the Cathedral Team St. Emmanuel Cathedral. Our Cardinal Napier. We thank you all the Sisters @ Matikwe by taking full responsibility for our young people by cooking for us as SACBC Youth. God bless you all. .

We have challenges but together we can make a different!

Sr Victoria Sibisi fcscJ; and the national team and together with Archdiocese of Durban Team we want to say: Thank you

To Change is to grow. To grow is to change often.








All young people were happy to attend the programme of Education For life. The group who came for the first time was so excited as they see the need to be the agents of change. Even Fr Peter was there as the Chaplain of the Diocese off Port Elizabeth.

Peace Education is a program that deals with inner self and is going together with Education for Life as we have three Stages that deals with Behaviours, Attitudes and Values. We all know what is peace and we need to have peace individuals and within the community where we leave. We need to have a positive approach.

Mr. Lloyd from USA Miam tells us that, Peace Education was created with the belief that people can deal with conflict .The training Institutes was established 1991,to train teachers, counselors and other professionals in conflict resolution. I was happy to introduce our facilitators Marta, Frank and Lloyd to the group that was at Koinonia Pastoral Center in September 13-16 2013. This is about Peace Work as we know that all of us we need peace to our working places, schools.etc.