Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday traditionally mark the beginning of Lent, for many Christians and the start of weeks leading up to Easter. It is a time of reflection, a time of good will and the time to find ways to grow closer to God.  Take your time and read slowly this is a good reflection for us:

Psalm 51

  1. :Have mercy on me o God in your faithful love;
  2. Wash me thoroughly from my guilt purify me from my sin.
  3. For i am well aware of my offences, my sin is constantly in mind
  4. Against you, you alone have sinned, i have done what you see to be wrong

14 Deliver me from bloodshed, God, God of my salvation and my tongue will acclaim your saving justice. Oh Lord open my lips and my mouth will speak out your praise: Amen.

What is my life like, today, tomorrow, am I ready to announce the Lord favor, by giving up some of my burdens. Or i am stubborn not want to listen the voice of my God. This time of Lent is a challenge, we as youth we want to have fun and becoming celebrity or even now we don’t know what to choose between valentine and Ash Wednesday. Wednesday we are starting Lent: Thursday is a Valentine day: Are you going to enjoy yourself during this time of lent. Having Fun with your friends forget about the Church and your faith? You are busy buying new expensive gift of your friend: My reflection is: Are you having enough time to pray during this time.

We have a challenge in the Church, we failed to take our faith seriously, we are the people if nice time. Why? Sometimes we need to voice out as Catholics stand and preach the truth about our behaviors, why we fail to receive Christ: This time of Lent take it as your revival time, let us fight against abortion, negative thoughts with others, abuse of alcohol etc. Why we fail to listen the Church and God Commandment: God says, No sex before marriage, we as young people we are not listening to God: Let us ask God to give us Strength and Listen to His Voice! Amen